Wave Energy Companies

Novige is a Swedish company that was founded in 2016

It has developed the NoviOcean wave energy converter, a device designed to generate clean energy from waves that is lighter, simpler, stronger, more durable, and more cost-effective than other wave energy technologies

The company is currently working on the development of a 500 kW commercial device called the NO500, with plans to eventually create larger 2 and 5 MW units.

The company has received funding from various sources, including the Swedish Energy Agency, and the EU CNEA-LIFE program. It has also received awards and recognition for its work, including Innovator of the Year.

Havkraft AS was founded in 2009 in Norway

The company developed the Havkraft Wave Energy Converter (H-WEC), a modular system for converting wave energy into electricity

The H-WEC consists of a chassis with reflectors, optimized air-ducts, impulse turbines with guiding vanes, and generators

The H-WEC is capable of capturing small, medium, and large waves

Mocean Energy is a Scottish company that is working to develop wave energy converters

Mocean Energy has already secured more than £5 million in funding from the Scottish and UK governments and the EU

Mocean Energy has received funding from Wave Energy Scotland to build a prototype called the Blue X to test the design of its hinged raft in real sea conditions.

The company has developed two technologies: the Blue Star and the Blue Horizon The Blue Star is a device designed to power a range of subsea equipment and inspection and maintenance systems The Blue Horizon is a larger machine meant to generate grid-scale electricity

Eco Wave Power is a Swedish company founded in Israel in 2011, which has developed a patented technology for turning ocean and sea waves into green electricity.

The technology is cost-efficient, reliable and easy to build and operate. It is also fully modular and scalable, with low costs of maintenance and connection to the grid.

The Company has several patents in place and additional applications , putting strong focus on wave energy development . The technology draws energy from incoming waves by converting the rising and falling motion of the waves into a clean energy generation process.

The system commences production of electricity from wave heights of 0.5 meters and it's fully insurable and have no adverse environmental impact.

Crestwing technology is a unique wave energy plant that utilizes wave energy pressure for energy production, having solved the high costs, low power generation and safety challenges that have traditionally been associated with wave energy.

The design of the Crestwing plant has been tested at the Danish Hydraulic Institute and Aalborg University, and the size of the plant is tailored to the specific wave environment at a given site.

The plant is also designed as a ship for maintenance purposes, and its anchoring system, developed in cooperation with Seaflex, is focused on preventing accidents and minimizing environmental impact.

The plant is made of steel for now but in the future, a recyclable composite solution will be used.