About Bombora

A culture of innovation has propelled Bombora since mWave™’s inception in a farm barn in Perth, Western Australia. Today, thanks to exceptional people, we are delivering a blueprint for multi megawatt scale, reliable and competitive wave energy converter technology.

Founded in 2012 in Perth Western Australia, Bombora is an award-winning ocean energy company. Bombora has established its European operations in Pembrokeshire, Wales in the heart of a dynamic, wave and tidal energy focused region and is currently progressing the 1.5MW mWave™ Pembrokeshire Demonstration Project supported by ERDF funding through the Welsh Government.

Bombora’s innovative mWave™ product produces environmentally friendly, consistent and cost competitive energy for commercial power generation in coastal locations throughout the world.

Bombora’s core business is the supply of the key mWaveTM components, the cell modules and Power Take Off unit. Individual project requirements will determine what additional products and services Bombora would supply. The project delivery package could be a combination of any of or all of the following: product, project development services, engineering consulting, operations and maintenance management services.

Bombora can deliver wave energy as a true alternative to complement today’s renewable energy mix.

Technical overview

Bombora has developed a patented membrane-style wave energy converter, mWave™. mWave™ is unique among wave energy converters as it simultaneously addresses the cost of energy and ocean wave survivability challenges. This new approach proffers a new era for wave energy.

The Cell Module

mWave™ features a series of air-inflated rubber membrane covered concave cells mounted to a structure below the ocean’s surface creating an air-filled volume. To maximise energy capture, the structure is arranged at an angle to the incoming waves. As waves pass overhead, air is pushed out of each cell through a series of valves into a one-way air-duct . The cells are refilled once the wave has passed. The flexible membrane is made from industrial grade rubber. The longstanding use of similar materials in a range of marine applications has demonstrated the material’s reliability and longevity.

mWave™ has no external parts, other than the flexible rubber membranes. Our robust rubber cell membrane extracts power simply without complex mechanisms greatly reducing maintenance requirements. Our replaceable modular design streamlines maintenance, minimising downtime and maximising power output.

mWave™’s cell modules have the unique ability to shut down in extreme storm events. Limiting the loads reduces capital costs and improves the all important cost of electricity.

The Power Take-off
(PTO Turbine and Generator Module)

The air flow in the duct drives an unidirectional flow turbine which in turns drives a variable-speed generator. This type of turbine and generator are off-the shelf technology, even if adapted for the mWave™ operating envelope.

Electricity from the generator is transferred to the shore via a sub-sea cable. Following a process of power conditioning, the electricity is delivered into the local grid.

All operations and maintenance are achievable using existing service vessels used in both fixed bottom wind and offshore oil and gas industries.

mWave™ can be deployed on different platforms to suit a nearshore or offshore ocean environment. Find out more about Bombora’s Fixed mWave™ , Floating mWave™ and Integrated mWave™ platforms




mWave™ platforms

mWave™’s modular design enables the technology to be configured into a fixed structure or floating platform structure subject to deployment environment requirements

Integrated mWave™

mWave™ can be integrated into a single wind and wave platform.

An integrated wave and wind floating platform opens up development of the wave energy market on a utility scale. Early adopters of mWave™’s multi-MW integrated platform approach will achieve the required capacity, performance and output needed to deliver reliable, cost competitive clean energy.

4/6MW : Wave power rating (per mWave)

8-12MW : Wind power rating (per floating foundation)

50M+ : Water depths

In deep waters, mWave™ integrated with a wind turbine on a floating platform greatly increases seabed lease area capacity and output. Opportunity to share usage of offshore substation, grid connection and floating structure drives down OPEX and LCOE.

Find out more about the benefits of partnering wave and wind to deliver utility scale offshore wind projects.

Bombora’s collaborative project with the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult’s Marine Energy Centre of Excellence (MEECE) is carrying out a techno-economic appraisal of extending mWave™ technology, co-located and integrated, into an offshore environment.

Floating mWave™


mWave™ can be integrated into a floating platform structure.

A floating platform is the next-step in mWave™’s product development cycle to expand our global renewable megawatt power generation capacity and improve operational efficiency.

4MW : Wave power rating (per mWave)

20 Total number of cells

50M+ : Water Depths

In deep waters, mWave™ can be deployed, to exploit a much bigger floating platform opportunity, to deliver utility scale offshore wave projects and optimise wind farm output when co-located. The application of mWave™ to a floating platform provides a potential solution to existing offshore Oil and Gas operations looking to electrify platforms.

Bombora’s collaborative project with the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult’s Marine Energy Centre of Excellence (MEECE) is carrying out a techno-economic appraisal of extending mWave™ technology, co-located and integrated, into an offshore environment.

Bottom Fixed mWave™


Bombora’s Fixed mWave™ product delivers a clean renewable energy source to island nations and coastal regions, making a low carbon future a sustainable reality.

3MW Wave power rating (per mWave)

20 Total number of cells

10-25M Water depths

mWave™ is positioned approximately 10 meters beneath the ocean surface to maximise the energy captured from incoming waves. A fixed bottom mWave is completely invisible once installed and poses no risk to leisure vessels traveling on the ocean surface above.

Click here for more information on mWave™’s unique patented technology, Bombora’s energy solutions or information about the full scale, fixed bottom 1.5MW Pembrokeshire demonstration project.

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